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Clarion Call Ministries is the ministry of John and Pam Yates focusing on and alerting Christians to God’s prophetic End Times purpose concerning Israel and the Church.

Prophetic Prayers and Proclamations

On Pam’s Prayer Page you will find posts which focus on prayers and proclamations with prophetic relevance for the times we are living in, for people to declare and use in their personal and corporate intercessions. Click the button link above.

John and Pam

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About the ministry

For many years John and Pam Yates were involved in pioneering a Christian outreach in the centre of England, Meriden, reaching out to the local community and beyond, meeting needs through prayer and personal ministry as well as establishing and leading a Christian fellowship in Meriden.

Outreach at Meriden

In 2003 John and Pam became involved with the ministry of Ebeneezer, running this and the local outreach ministry side by side for a time. Two years later John was asked to become Regional Representative and Pam the Prayer Leader for Ebenezer Operation Exodus. Whilst watching videos of the aliyah John saw the scripture Ezekiel 34:11, the same scripture God had given him at the start of his vision/ministry,

For the first time John could see how God had led him with Pam to fulfill the original calling, first with the outreach in the Midlands then in Meriden, and finally through their involvement with Ebenezer. Thus they became involved in national outreach, and also international, as they travelled to Ireland and to Israel.

In 2007 the ministry of Heart of England Outreach in Meriden was handed over to a younger pastor and his wife. John and Pam stepped back to let them become established and Pam was asked to become National Prayer Coordinator for England. John and Pam would remain in ‘the centre of England’ for a further three years before moving to the Isle of Wight in 2010.

John and Pam now minister mainly at local churches with an emphasis on teaching the foundational truths of God’s word, and bringing much needed encouragement.

Forty years on

The vision God gave John in 1979 for the Centre of England and beyond was very clear. When John and Pam handed the work over and moved to the Isle of Wight in 2010, John felt certain there was more to be done.

In 2018, almost 40 years after John had the vision, an amazing development occurred that amazed us to say the least. God spoke to a dear brother in Canada, Peter Hill, about the importance of the Centre of the Nation in the UK. More can be read on the ‘Call the Nation to Prayer’ website. This led to the undertaking of a prophetic act on the 29th September 2018 which took place in Coventry and Meriden, recognising the joining of the Word and the Spirit. This was seen as a prophetic declaration that we were now seeing the fruit and the fullfilment of the prophecies of Jean Darnell and Smith Wigglesworth.

Dancing before the Lord at Meriden

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