The Cutting Edge

To be on the cutting edge of what God is doing we have to know God’s will, or mind, in all things. The only way we are going to fulfil anything that God is calling us to is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and with His power. (Acts 17:28)

This means commitment, which is a word what is not liked very much these days. It is a commitment to the will and purpose of God in all things. God is sovereign. He is the creator of all things. God is never wrong. He is perfect in all His ways. Can you trust Him to lead you and show you His will? God is always right.

To pioneer new works for God we have to get His blueprint before we begin. We have to know God’s mind, otherwise we will not know where we are going. We will only end up chasing our tails and going round in circles. I want to encourage you to get to the place where God can speak to you, and then work in and through you to fulfil His plan for you.

I find these days that many of God’s people are not sure where they are going. There is an unwillingness generally to be fully committed to the will of God and pay the price. If the Church is going to come to maturity, and fulfil its God-given destiny, then there has to be commitment. We cannot establish God’s kingdom by operating in the flesh, and leaving the minority to somehow pull us all through.

If our desire is to see more Church’s planted and more lives changed, then we need to know God’s leading. The only way we will know God’s plans and leading is by commitment. This will include total abandonment of our own ambitions and being willing to follow Christ whatever the cost. It may include giving up a comfortable lifestyle with a guaranteed income each month, and stepping out and trusting God to meet your needs. There is no other way to build for God than to have faith in His ability to look after you and meet your needs. Someone once said, “God will always pay for what He orders”. The only way you are going to know what He is ‘ordering’ is by knowing His will.

I can quite honestly say that all God has done through the ministry in Meriden has been by His grace and mercy. We have found God to be totally faithful, He does meet our needs. I believe the key to this is to stay close to Him, stop in His will and He will bring it to pass. There are times when things seem to be going haywire, and it becomes intolerable to bear, it’s times like that when you feel you want to give up. However, it is in those times that God tests us, we do come through because God is faithful. I want to encourage you to rise up and get on the cutting edge of what God is doing and believe Him for the impossible.

John Yates