A ministry focusing on and alerting Christians to God’s prophetic End Times purpose concerning Israel and the Church.

Welcome to Clarion Call Ministries

For many years John and Pam Yates were involved in pioneering a Christian outreach in the centre of England, Meriden, reaching out to the local community and beyond, meeting needs through prayer and personal ministry as well as establishing and leading a Christian fellowship in Meriden. They also travelled throughout the UK and Ireland speaking about the roots of the Christian faith.

A New Chapter Begins

On the 5th October 2010 John and Pam moved to the Isle of Wight understanding this was where the Lord wanted them to be in this new season of their lives. The work in the Heart of England coming to an end, bringing to a close this chapter of service, in the centre of the nation.

In 2007, the ministry of Heart of England Outreach was handed over to a younger pastor and his wife in Meriden UK. John and Pam continue their ministry now focussing on the Isle of Wight UK.

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40 Years since Heart of England Outreach began

At the end of this year, 2018, it will be 40 years since Heart of England Outreach began. The vision God gave John in 1979 for the Centre of England and beyond was very clear.

When we handed the work over and moved to the Isle of Wight in 2010, John always knew there was more to be done.

An amazing development has occurred in recent months, that has amazed us to say the least. God has spoken to a dear brother in Canada, Peter Hill, about the importance of the Centre of the Nation in the UK. See more details through this link on the ‘Call the Nation to Prayer’ website: Finding Clues at Meriden

What has developed, is the undertaking of a prophetic act facilitating the joining of the “Word” and the “Spirit” on the 29th September in Coventry and Meriden. It is seen as a fullfilment of Jean Darnell, and Smith Wigglesworth prophecies coming into fruition.

John & Pam